The work begins....

The first thing that needed to be done is to create an access road to the location where the cabin will be placed. The site has a open field in the center that is surrounded by a forest of trees. There was no way to get to the open field from the road, so we (my son-in-law & I) had to cut down a dozen trees or so and make an access road. This was hard work, and we only worked on Saturdays so it took us 4 weeks to clear a pathway.

View from the road.... No way in.....

Start making a narrow path through the trees

View back to the road

Path is almost through to open field

Finally reached the open field

My pickup truck finally fits inside 

View toward road


My grandsons & son-in-law were a huge help in clearing all the trees to complete the access road. After we made the initial narrow path through the trees, we started to widen the path to create a 16 foot wide road all the way to the open field. The road is about 200 feet long.

The completed road turned out great!

Now we can access the open field 
that is surrounded by trees

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